Monday, January 17, 2011

This year, i have a goal to post almost everyday with a update on my life or just something random like this one will be so this should be fun :)

lets just hope i remember to post :)

My cat, Lily is my baby. Shes only a few years old and when we got her she was a stray and was very mis-treated so we took her under our care. She was so little and still is now, but not as little as her life has taken her. She has had 14 kittens in a year, naughty girl :P in the 3 litters that she had majority of the kittens were ginger then others were black and white. They were so cute :) Heres a snapshot ive taken of my favourite - Waffles <3 and another of Lily.

unfortuntly you cant have 15 cats running around your house can you? aha so we gave them to the pet shop :)

also i think Lily may be pregnant again :|

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